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Sunday, July 18th, 2010
7:31 pm
Okay, so guess the last post /wasn't/ the "last" post...
Doubt anyone will really even see this, but a quick explanation in case you do and are going, BZUH!?

LJ's announced an intention to purge inactive and abandoned journals, which . . . I don't really have a problem with.  But I don't want this journal deleted, as it's got, what, HOW many years' worth of my life documented in it?  No, I'm not using it anymore and haven't for going on three years now, but it's a hell of an archive of the 2 years before that.  SO!  Quick post to prove that this isn't an abandoned journal, not completely anyway.

Ja ne!
Sunday, November 11th, 2007
10:49 am
Last post in this journal . . .
Hi, guys!  Just letting everyone know that I'm retiring this journal.  My new journal is dragondancer515.  The full ID that I will be using, such as for email and FanFiction.net, is "dragondancer5150"  (again, gotta be different on LJ because they don't allow for /quite/ enough characters in your user name).  I'll work tomorrow on getting all the names from this journal's Flist into that one's, as I'll be leaving soon for the day.  I will be sending an email as well to those for which I have one, in case you miss this post.

For those who didn't know, the "101" (/should/ be 1014 but since LJ doesn't allow for enough characters...), refers to my anniversary date: 10-14, October 14th.  I am NOT bitter.  I still recall and will talk about that date with a LOT of fondness - we had a /fun/ wedding!!! - but if I am truly, finally, going to be known as the single individual I /have/ been for so long, I think it's only right that I have an ID I use across the board that reflects me singularly and uniquely.

Thank to EVERYONE for all your love and support throughout . . . well, geez, just EVERYTHING.


Current Mood: grateful
Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
8:49 am
And on a lighter note . . .

Happy Birthday, MyAibou!  XD


*passes out all manner of chocolate-y goodness*  Namely fudge.  Lots and lots of fudge.  LOL  ^_~

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
9:16 pm
Fannish Friday 5
 Fannish Friday 5
Well . . . after sounding off in the last post based on one from my Flist, thought I'd follow up with another from my Flist.  Pilfered from lucidscreamer and obabscribbler

Name five minor characters whose lives and histories you'd like to see explored more (in canon or fanfic).

1. Tristan Taylor / Honda Hiroto (Yugioh) - heh, he topped their lists too!
2. Mahaad (Yugioh) - gotta agree, Lucid.  ^_~
3. Rajura (Ronin Warriors/ Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers)
4. Naaza (Ronin Warriors/ Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers)
5. Anubisu (Ronin Warriors/ Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers)

Current Mood: contemplative
8:41 pm
Two words, Mr Marks: EPIC FAIL!!!!!
Found this in a friend's post, and I agree: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Okay, it's about a new, live-action Voltron that's in the works.  Now, normally that would have me all kinds of happy, but . . . 

Well, apparently a guy named Justin Marks is "penning the script."   Yeah, got a name, now just need an address . . . and that handgun that I don't have.  (See my post from yesterday...)

Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico. Five ragtag survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders.

From: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117970000.html?categoryid=13&cs=1

As I said . . . WHAT THE FUCK?!  I may not remember much of Voltron, but I /do/ seem to recall it's set ON ANOTHER FREAKING PLANET!! If they want to cut down on cost of building sets or something, they should shoot in southern Germany against the backdrop of Neuschwanstein Castle! Location shooting will cost more . . . but at LEAST they'll have an audience by the time it gets to the big screen!  No fan in his right mind will give that poor-excuse-for-a-"Transformers-blockbuster"-wannabe the time of day!!  Where the hell is the original plot, even?! "Oh, but it's got the five lion robots!" Yeah, and I'll bet they're purple, pink, teal, gold, and aquamarine. Cuz, you know, that'll flash prettily in the sunlight.

Marks has become a go-to guy in Hollywood for comicbook, videogame and toy-based adaptations. He is adapting "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" for Joel Silver at Warner Bros., as well as the Green Arrow pic "Supermax," also at the studio. Marks also has "Street Fighter" in the works at Hyde Park and Fox.

Okay, not familiar with Green Arrow/Supermax, but . . . I mean, what? He-Man is going to be a musical number done all in interpretive ballet!? Oh, and the use of the term "street" is open for definition. What they really mean is the lanes of traffic used by air- and spacecraft. "Street Fighter" will be renamed "Dogfighter" and take place between Mars and Saturn. *HEADDESK*

Please, dear GOD just don't let him get a hold of Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers.  *d-e-d*  Or Yu-Gi-Oh!, for that matter.  Since he's on an anime kick with "Go Lions" (read: Voltron).  I mean . . . I would LOVE to see YST done live, though I don't think I could fathom YGO live, as much as I ADORE YGO.  But NOT in that man's hands.  *SHUDDER*

Current Mood: angry
8:57 am
*sitting at her desk, laughing her ASS off!*

Oh, god, I love my coworkers!

Just thought I'd share.  Man, I needed that!  XDDD

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
9:45 am
"You can't manage what you don't measure"

 I love Palmer Dodge.  Okay, so I've never actually dealt with them.  I love driving by their sign each week.

So . . . last night was Halloween.  Gah, I'm such a holiday scrooge these days.  I just don't want to be bothered.  I guess cuz I don't have kids, I don't see the "magic" (read: don't see the point) in these things anymore.  Then again, left to my own devices, I don't really much celebrate anything: not Thanksgiving or 4th of July like a good little American, nor Easter and Christmas like a good little Christian.

And the thing is . . . I LOVE Halloween.  Always have!  Guess I'm more a fan of the idea of it these days than actually doing anything to "celebrate" it.  *shrug*  Becky and I were going to dress up to come to work yesterday, and we both forgot.  We've both been so ungodly TIRED.  For myself, I'd wonder if it was my medication, except that she's having the same problem, so we can only figure it has to do with the weather.  Somehow.  Thing is, no one else in the office seems to be affected.  Maybe it's a male/female thing.  Dunno.

Going back to the ophthomologist this afternoon.  The new lenses for my glasses came in Tuesday.  Except . . . I wonder if they're the right prescription after all.  Saw the doctor himself - and two or three different technicians - for all the tests they do, and the picture of the "freckle" on the retina of my eye (WTF?!).  I made the comment that I've known for some time that I need new glasses, and he asked my how I "knew" that.  Wish I'd thought of it at the time but my stupid brain locked.  "Cuz it's been a few years since I've been in to an eye doctor."  DUH - don't mention the fact that you can't read signs while you're driving and stuff like that.  He commented that my vision is 20/20 with my glasses.  Um . . . then why, when I saw the eyeglasses technician and we discussed getting new lenses now or later, did he comment that I really should get them /now/ cuz my current lenses are, like, three steps from the prescription the doctor wrote?  *facepalm*  Again, brainlock - didn't really say anything at the time.  And in between the eye doctor and the glasses technician is when I saw the guy who handles contact lenses.  I've been wearing these for a week now (the contacts, I mean) and . . . still having the same problem of not clearly reading signs and license plates and things . . . AND I can't focus on my computer monitor without giving myself a mild headache from eyestrain.  Grargh.

By this time next week, Hubby will be home.  Dot.dot.dot.

On the upside, the fires have been under full or very close to it containment since the weekend.  Life was pretty much back to normal for the majority of San Diego by, like, Friday.  And my grandparents' house FINALLY!!!! sold yesterday.

Meh, that's all for now.  Been feeling the effects of the lack of anti-depressant in my sorry-ass system the past several days.  It's just a /really/ good thing I don't own a firearm . . .

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, October 29th, 2007
11:20 pm
Meme: Fanfic WIPs, Part 2

*sheepish grin*  Okay . . . so, all that /did/ post, much to my surprise and delight.  And I wasn't kidding when I said I have more.  *sweatdrop*









AAAAaaaaaannnd . . . yeah, I think that's everything.  Well, no . . . not technically.  I have an original story, but it's not a fanfic, so it technically doesn't fit the meme.  XDDD

Current Mood: silly
10:00 pm
Meme: Fanfic WIPs
Well . . . to take a break from whining and worrying, thought I'd participate in a Meme.  I don't normally do meme's personally, not that I have problem with them . . . but hey, shameless self-plug that's actually encouraged?  Sure!  LOL  'Sides, gotta make sure misterkaiba_kc still knows I'm alive.  LMAO  JK!!  I'll get a "real" post up maybe tomorrow.

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around.

Gonna post an exerpt from a WIP where the passage is already available on FF.net, then will try to concentrate on passages that are NOT yet available anywhere for the WIP they're from.  *sheepish grin*






Uuuuuummm . . . okay, gonna see if I can get all this to post.  Got more, believe it or not, but I'm sure that will have to go into another post.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, October 26th, 2007
9:31 am
Thursday, October 25th, 2007
11:02 pm
First contact!

I just got off the phone with my friend, Big Al.  I've not heard anything about not using cell phones today, so I decided I was finally going to call him tonight.  He and his family are doing fine, staying with relatives in the City Heights region of San Diego, along with their cats.  Apparently, Fallbrook - though issued mandatory evacuation orders about 11p Monday night - has been largely untouched.  There was a neighbor friend of theirs who didn't hear or otherwise didn't get the orders, so she's stuck in the city, though she's fine.  She says it's like a ghost town.  But she was asked to go check on Al's house, and she's seen that it's fine.  Also, before getting his cell, I called the house and got the answering machine, which of course meant the answering machine - and therefore the house - is still there.

Like last night, I've been about two hours online reading articles and watching news clips:

On a down note, when I called my mom to let her know Al and his family are okay - my parents adore Big Al - my mom sounded rushed.  She was helping my dad pack the car.  No, they weren't evacuating, thank God.  My grandparents moved into a retirement home back in February/March, so their home down in the Clairemont area (between Del Mar/Solana Beach and downtown San Diego) has been vacant and on the market since then.  And apparently broken into last night or today.  Hell, I don't know what they were looking for - it's EMPTY.  But my dad is going down to spend the night and guard the house.  Tomorrow, they'll get the broken window pane replaced, and maybe get a security system installed.

But overall, things are looking really good for everyone.  I'm so proud of my city.  I live in Georgia, will probably never be able to afford to move back there . . . but as it was when my dad was in the Air Force and we lived wherever he was stationed, San Diego has always been and will always be . . . HOME.

'Night, folks.  XD

Current Mood: excited
12:24 pm

I'll give Big Al a call tonight, if he doesn't call me first - I'd be surprised if he doesn't.  ^__^  In the meantime, I asked my mom how things are going and she wrote this:

There are still fires burning around the County, but for many people life is going back to normal.  I think we have everyone, but one person back at work today.

The air quality is still bad, so they're telling people to stay indoors and if you're out for any length of time to wear a face mask or scarf.  :-)

On a personal note, I was three hours late to work today due to the appointment with the eye doctors, but I have new contacts, an order for new lenses for my glasses . . . and a photo of a "freckle" in the retina of my left eye.  WTF?  Just like you always see and hear about, the retina is a rich red . . . but I have a small region where it's a little darker, much like a freckle on your skin.  So they documented it with a picture and will be keeping an eye on it.  But they had to dilate my eyes for the exams, which always fucks with anyone's vision.  I'm . . . well, yeah, I can see my computer monitor, but I can't focus on it really well.  That should improve in another hour or two, though.

Wish I could say the same for the Fibro flare.  >_<;;;  Moving slow, feeling crappy, and can't concentrate . . . and the additional "can't concentrate" from the dilation's not helping.  Bleh.

But that's enough complaining.  I'm doing all right, and so are everyone I'm aware of back in CA - those who haven't lost homes or workplaces, anyway.


Current Mood: crappy
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
10:55 pm
Wow . . . third time's a charm? =3;;;;
Hey, everyone!  First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your love and support!  Everyone's comments and replies, and myaibou for the phone call yesterday - I really do appreciate it!!

Just talked to my mom again, and my mother-in-law.  My brother-in-law and his family, as well as his mom-in-law and wife's sisters and kids, are all staying with my mother-in-law in Hemet right now after the forced evac of Fallbrook yesterday.  There are twelve people in her house right now, plus six dogs.  Until yesterday, she lived alone, so you can imagine the chaos.  LOL  But spirits sound like they're pretty good.  I love my mother-in-law.  National Guard are in Fallbrook to prevent looting, which is a sad reality right now too, if (hopefully) being kept to a minimum.

Talked to my mom, too.  She and Dad are at a meeting of some kind, probably board meeting, down at the church which is in Pacific Beach.  Poppa made it to his dialysis yesterday, and again today to get him back on schedule.  And Nana's doing all right.  My dad is an x-ray tech for Philips Medical Systems - yeah, he works for PMS!  Actually, even better, he works for Philips Medical System of North America (it's originally a Swedish company), so PMS NA.  LOL!  Anyway, he was on call today but didn't get any calls, so he ran down to get Nana's heart medication that she was supposed to have gotten on Monday . . . of course, with everything being closed from the fires, she didn't get them then.

So it kind of sounds like my personal family's life is returning to a veneer of normalcy . . . but the counties overall are still in SAD shape.  Governor Swartzenagger has been touring things from LA south, and President Bush is due to arrive tomorrow to see how things are going.  However, Bush has already signed whatever he'd need to, to declare SoCal in need of federal aid.  FEMA is already in place as of earlier today!  And from what I understand, things are running shockingly smoothly, especially considering the scope of damage and emergency that's happened.  It's Katrina cubed.  Mom was saying that FEMA at the federal level, and a LOT of local and state organizations, learned just how disorganized they are/were in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and many rethought their structures and made changes.  San Diego was apparently one of those who made "necessary changes" in operations, etc.  I guess a lot of people are commenting on how unbelievably organized things are going.  You know . . . I'm not surprised, to be honest.  I remember how fast it seemed like things got pulled together during and after the Cedar Fires back in '03.  But that's the thing about San Diegans - we take care of each other.  I remember the INCREDIBLE outpouring of support, not only immediately following the fires but even as much as two years later.

And apparently San Diegans have learned from the '03 fires and from Katrina.  Organization at QualComm and the Del Mar Fairgrounds - food, drinks, paper products, clothing, baby needs, etc - is almost uncanny.  And not only having them on hand but distributing them to where they're needed.  Besides hearing what my mom had to say, I've spent probably almost two hours going through news blurbs online, mainly through these two links I've saved over the past two days:


And I'm sure there will be a new one up tomorrow . . . 

It's been said that what's going on in San Diego actually eclipses Hurricane Katrina in some respects.  About a half-million people have been displaced, though some of those evacuated were beginning to be allowed to return home today . . . whether or not they actually had a home to return to.  Over a billion dollars in property damage has been done, with more than 1,500 homes lost, and that dollar figure's not even taking into account the cost to rebuild nor the lost tourism revenue.

On a more personally personal note, I finally heard back from one of the specialists I was referred to by my PCP.  I have an appointment with an ophthamalogist tomorrow morning to address sudden changes in my vision that may or may not be one of the side effects of one of my meds.  I'll be late in to work as a result.  I'm not expecting them to find anything . . . but at least that's not for lack of bothering to try.  I really do think it's a side effect of the med I'm on - it says so on the side of the bottle, which I didn't notice until /after/ noticing the vision problems . . . but it will be nice for someone to take me seriously enough to double-check anyway.

Well, gotta go for now - tired enough and going cross-eyed enough that I can't see my screen anymore almost . . . so posting.  Again, without proofing, so . . . . 

Nighty, everyone.  *HUGGLES*

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1:00 pm
10:38 am
"The lowest ebb is the turning of the tide."
think that's the exact wording of the current saying on the Palmer sign.  Question is . . . how do you know when you've gotten to the "lowest ebb" and can start expecting things to get better?  That's true of any situation, but of course my mind is going to SoCal right now.

Thought I'd share some of the emails I've been getting, so people can get a personal and up-close feel for what's going on, beyond the news reports.

So . . . yeah, that's the news from the battlefront.  I'll share more as I know it.

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007
10:21 pm
"Blame no one, Expect nothing, Do something"
Wow . . . what a time to decide to get off my fat, lazy ass and get back on LJ.  Has it really been since April/May that I've been on last? Like, a half-year ago?  I tried to catch up back in May, I seem to remember.  Not even gonna try at this point.  I'd already decided to do so today or tonight, but then, today's news . . .

I've dropped Japanese Language and Aikido (and Iaido) due to money concerns.  Comic-Con's come and gone, as have Dragon*Con and AWA.  And nearly a long-time friendship.  It's not dead, but will never be the same.  It's much cooler, and will never share fantasy and stories ever again.  My marriage may do much the same as the friendship by this time next month.  Well, no, that's not true.  It will either improve . . . or start the process ending.  Not that I'm sure there's anything there anymore to begin with.  For something to end, there has to be something TO end, right?  Otherwise, you're just finally acknowledging it's non-existence.

My husband comes home next month, on the 8th.  His year contract will be up, but he's not "coming home," not demobilizing.  He's only coming home for a bit, then heading back for "a while longer."  What that means, I don't know.  I'll find out next month.  I understand he's considering going for a third contract.  Of course, I didn't hear this from him.  Like everything else, I heard it second-hand.  But that's the way I hear about pretty damned much everything about him.  And that's just one of the issues between us.  I'm sure he has his about me, too.

I've finally started seeing a doctor.  It'd been two-and-a-half years since I'd seen one.  It'd been 32 years since I'd seen one worth anything, who didn't write me off, ignore me, accuse me, or fucking flirt with me.  But . . . I like Dr. Tobin.  And for me to like a doctor, guys, is HUGE.  She actually listens to me, and takes what I have to say seriously.  Even if she doesn't agree, at least she's both polite and informed about it.  Not just polite in that cool way "politeness" usually is delivered, but caring, concerned, really does want to help.  It's how a doctor is supposed to be, but she's the very first I've EVER met who actually is.  And I've met a LOT of doctors in over thirty years, both military and civilian.  It's nice to know a doctor like that actually exists.  I'd long decided they must be a myth, like the Tooth Fairy . . .

I started an anti-depressant as well as a nervous system calming agent about a month ago after my first visit.  Unfortunately, each separately proved to wreak havoc with me in side effects.  Imagine my surprise that I didn't have to defend and justify my observations and "complaints" when I saw her again for my month-later follow-up last Thursday.  She actually took me seriously.  I'm off the anti-depressant to get it out of my system so we can try another, and backed off the nerve agent by half.  We'll reassess things at my next appointment next month.  At the first appointment, I left with a referral to a rheumatologist because of the Fibro.  This time, I also left with referrals to a gastroenterologist due to stomache issues I've been having for months, and an ophthamologist just in case the vision problems I've been having over the past few weeks are /not/ caused by, or in addition to, one of the side effects of the nerve med.  I've . . . only ever gotten one referral before, and that was for my last rheumatologist, and I had to practically demand that one.  I didn't even ask for these at all.  She apologized for "sending me to every doctor in Atlanta," but I told her NO!  I'm grateful!  If it means getting real help for what is probably the first time in my life, then I'm more than willing to see "every doctor in Atlanta."  I'm certainly not going to complain!

Like my subject line?  Yes, I still pay attention to the sign at the Palmer Dodge used vehicle lot on the way to work.  they've had some great ones over the weeks.  I just wish I'd made myself remember to write them down each week.  That's the one that's up right now . . . or will be till sometime tomorrow.  They change the sign every Tuesday.

I don't follow the news.  I figure if it's important enough for me to know, I'll find out one way or another.  And so it was that I got an email from my mom this morning to me, my brother, husband, aunt and uncle, /her/ aunt and uncle, and a few others that she and Dad and my grandparents are okay.  Bzuh?!

There are probably a LOT of people who'd like that icon right about now.  *points at her own*  It's probably feeling like that for more than a few.

San Diego County is burning.  Again.  It's like a repeat of the "Firestorms of 2003" . . . only this is even worse, which I'd have hardly thought possible without necessitating the mass evactuation of /everyone/ between Disneyland and Tijuana.  No, they've only evacuated half that.  But that's not an exaggeration.

I was there for the fires in '03.  That was a really scary time.  I was never threatened myself, neither my home nor work . . . but the heat, ash, and smoke that filled the air even where I was, was pretty amazing.  I lived in Vista, worked next door in San Marcos.  At least one of the days, there was a beautiful, rosy blush to the air like you get at sunset . . . except it was ten in the morning, and lasted well past noon!  And the haze in the air was /thick/.  When I went out to my car, it looked like it had snowed lightly.  And that was from fires raging dozens-plus miles away.  Down where he lived, I remember Eben telling me that the visibility in the smoke and ash was, like, nill.  I knew, or at least knew /of/, some of the people who lost their homes, lost /everything, in those fires.  50,000 people were evacuated from their homes that year.

This time, it's 250,000 . . . and that's only in the past 24-hours-plus.  Ramona, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Escondido, Fallbrook, and parts of San Marcos have all been evacuated.  And that's just the cities I can name.  And parts of Leucadia.  From Malibu to Potrero, there are more than a dozen fires raging, from what I've been told.  Some are arson.  One might have been from a downed power line.  And the Santa Ana conditions aren't helping anything.  My parents didn't go to work today, won't likely tomorrow either.  Everyone's being told that if you don't HAVE to go anywhere, stay home, off the roads.  Leave them open for emergency vehicles and people evactuating.  QualComm Stadium is full, as is PetCo Park.  And the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  And many large churches, and a least one school.  Pomerado Hospital had to be evacuated.  The Red Cross and Salvation Army are out in force.  Firefighters and police are stretched so thin all over, it's scary crazy.  Those people have GOT to be exhausted, some of them at this for over 24 hours already, waiting for relief personnel.  People from as far away as North Carolina are being called in, I hear.  Because of the winds, it wasn't until this afternoon before any aircraft could even get in the air . . . and things are supposed to not let up any time soon.  Everything east of I-15 is burning, more or less.  And if they don't get it contained, and the winds are just right, it could burn right to the ocean.  That /would/ threaten my parents, and my grandparents.  And a lot of my friends and countless others.

My grandfather had pretty significant surgery on one leg recently.  He's been bedridden for some six weeks.  He's also on dialysis.  He's in the recovery stage at the moment, but right now, he can't even stand on his own.  Which means no wheelchair.  Which means transport by gurney to his dialysis appointments.  Which means an ambulance.  But all the ambulances today were down at Pomerado and the big nursing home nearby and some other places.  Poppa didn't get to his dialysis appointment today.  Mom rescheduled it for tomorrow.  We can only pray an ambulance will be available to take him then.  He's 80 years old, in POOR health to begin with . . . and on top of /that/ is having toxins building in his bloodstream all the more.  They've "promised" to get him to tomorrow's appointment, but . . . priorities and /thin/ personnel and vehicles making the situation what it is . . . 

And I don't know where Big Al is.

He lives - live/d/? - with his family in Fallbrook.  Fallbrook was evacuated sometime today.  Calling the house phone is kind of stupid . . . but everyone's being told to stay off their cell phones - again, to keep lines of communication open for emergencies.  I have his cell phone number but I "can't" call him.  I'm going to call sometime tomorrow, though, just so I know where he is, that he and his family are okay.  I'm sure they are but . . .  And my brother-in-law and his family live in Fallbrook too.  And the kids both have asthma, which of course doesn't play well with smoke and ash . . .

I made some six phone calls this evening.  That's more than I make in a month, Lunnaei nothwithstanding.  I hate the phone.  I really do.  But I talked to my mom, and my mother-in-law (contrary to stereotypes, I /love/ Ruby!).  I talked briefly to Eben, and Cherie, who told me Summer was on her way home, and Dennis, which told me they were okay and had homes to go to.  I talked with Gary and Cheryl.  I thought about calling Cody, but she's much further north.  Cody, have you escaped fires where you are?  I really hope so . . . 

Gaw, it's past 1:30 in the morning.  Guess I should go to bed.  Maybe tomorrow I'll poke at my Flist from the last day or so between entering invoices and grabbing Dal-Tile by the proverbial throat for some answers, and see what people have been up to lately.  TaiChara probably thinks I've dropped off the face of the earth, since I've not responded to the last post in the RP.  At least . . . I don't think I have.  I'm still here, Tai.  I promise!  *glomphuggle*

Nighty . . . 

Oh, and . . . this is going up unproofed, so if there's anything misspelled, words missing, whatever . . . sumimasen.
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
10:35 am
Sunday, August 5th, 2007
2:28 pm
'Allo . . .
Hey, guys!  I know there are some people who only have this journal Friended, or just my other one "puzzlemasters," so I try to keep the two linked together . . . though I might just go ahead and drop one of them, since I'm not really RP'ing anymore so don't /need/ two journals.  But, TaiChara's kinda invited me to interact with her Ring-Spirit Bakura - at least, I think that was an actual invitation, don't wanna step on toes and barge in - and I might try to get into or /back/ into some other things, so . . . dunno.  Anyway, I just put up a LONG post on "puzzlemasters."  For those who don't care about fanfic recc's, you'll want to scroll down about halfway, but . . . yeah, anyway, here it is - http://puzzlemasters.livejournal.com/11856.html

HUGGLES to all!

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
7:43 am
Gearing up for Comic-Con
Hey, all!  Not that I've been around so much anyway, but also in case anyone emails me and I don't respond . . . gonna be out of town for a few days starting today.  More in Yugi's journal - he's chronicling for us again.  XDDD  http://puzzlemasters.livejournal.com/11676.html

Luv y'all!!

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Friday, July 13th, 2007
5:06 pm
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